Friday, 29 May 2015

My Mac lipstick collection

Mac lipsticks are a great weakness of mine and before purchasing a new shade I frequently google swatches posted by other bloggers to help me decide which one to buy next. I love reading other peoples posts and seeing their collections so it seemed only natural now that I am back to blogging to create a post of my own. My collection is fairly small compared to most but I adore it all the same. I currently have ten tubes, including a viva glam shade and two of the limited edition Cinderella lipsticks (both acquired from ebay). 

First up I decided to swatch the newest addictions to my collection. The Cinderella lipsticks are both nude in colour, not shades I would usually go for however I was won over by the beautiful packaging and shimmery look of the lipsticks themselves. Both are slightly shimmery and give a great finish to the lips. I wasn't able to get hold of them when they were launched online and instead took to ebay to seek them out. If you like pretty nude shades then I would really recommend them.  

The majority of my collection consists of fairly bright pinky shades. Creme Cup is an exception and is fairly nude and sheer. Milan Mode is an incredibly beautiful sparkly shade which I adore. Flat out Fabulous is one of the brightest shades I own and is another favourite of mine.

At the moment I only have two red shades which surprises me as I love red lips. Both of the red shades I own are matte finish which is my favouite type of Mac lipstick. Lady Danger is a fairly orange toned red while Russian Red is much darker and makes a great statement. Russian Red is probably my favourite lipstick I currently own and has been for a long time. 

The main reason I love Mac lipsticks is because of how long they last on the lips. I don't particularly like having to constantly top up my lipstick throughout the day and with pretty much all of these the length of wear is pretty impressive. The matte finishes in particular last a long time. Russian Red can last on the lips all day even though a meal. Some of the other finishes requite topping up slightly more often but still last much longer than any other brands I own. 

I'm pretty sure that my collection will continue to grow and if anyone has any suggestions or have posted about their own collections I would love to read them.

Natasha x 

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